The doctor’s view…

The EyeFormatics-EMR has made documenting patient encounters quick and easy.  The system is easy to learn, and  I’ve found that it is far more efficient than paper charts or other EMRs I’ve seen.  I always have the information I need to take care of my patients.  It has been a great asset in my practice.”

-Peter McKay, M.D., comprehensive ophthalmologist, Norwich, CT

We switched to EyeFormatics after being completely frustrated with the emr from one of the market leading companies. It was slow, hard to learn and use, not user friendly, and the company was difficult to deal with. EyeFormatics has been exactly the opposite. It reminds me of the difference between the IPhone and the early smart phones. We had days of training to learn the first, generic, one system supposedly works for everyone, versus less than an hour to learn EyeFormatics. The team at EyeFormatics quickly and professionally has walked us through the entire process. My experience looking at other companies was that they were at most only slightly faster than our first one was. EyeFormatics is completely different. I am so glad we found them. We actually like using it and enjoy the experience. If you are wanting an easy conversion to an ophthalmology-specific emr (which I strongly recommend), I don’t think you could so any better. We are so glad we found EyeFormatics.

– Frank Teed M.D., Arkansas Eye Surgery

Like most physicians, I was very nervous about transitioning from paper charts to electronic health records. Thankfully, Dr. Kevin Cranmer and his excellent team at EyeFormatics made the “big switch” as smooth and painless as possible! As an ophthalmologist himself, Dr. Cranmer designed the EHR with patient care, office flow and efficiency in mind. Using the EyeFormatics EHR, I am able to spend more time talking with my patients about their various diagnoses and treatment, and less time  documenting. Dr. Cranmer and his staff have been friendly and helpful every step of the way. I recommend his product without reservation and I am very happy to be using it in my own private practice.

– Allison Young M.D., Stone Oak Ophthalmology

And listen to what the staff are saying…

Prior to EyeFormatics-EMR, I’d spend a great deal of time just filling out forms, often filling in the same information multiple times.  EyeFormatics-EMR is a huge time saver, decreases errors, and makes us look much more professional to our patients.”

-P.R., Surgical Scheduler, Willington, CT

EyeFormatics-EMR simplifies a great deal of the voluminous paperwork associated with planning surgeries.  Instead of filling out the paperwork by hand, EyeFormatics-EMR takes the information already in the system, and does it for you.  This saves a lot of time and effort.  It also helps to eliminate errors in the scheduling process.”

-G.P., Chief Ophthalmic Technician, Brooklyn, CT