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  • Integrated Billing system with EMR for seamless communication between EMR and PM.
  • Eliminate Super Bill. Claim records are generated automatically for Billing Staff when physicians sign off on the encounter, and the claim includes the doctor’s notes for both convenience reference.
  • Easy Translation of Physician codes to Invoice Form, reducing time spent entering codes.
  • Staged and ready for ICD10 updates.
  • Customizable ICD, CPT, Insurance, and Fee Schedule databases.
  • Real Time eligibility checking on individual insurances, and ability to check eligibility for lists of patients in advance.
  • Related administrative notes about the patient accessible in both the PM and EMR modules.
  • Store EOB information with a single date of service for convenience and reference.
  • Zirmed’s website for tracking claims, viewing and downloading EOBs, and generating reports, is completely accessible from within the PM software.
  • Manual entry or option for auto-posting of insurance payments and adjustments.
  • Complete summaries of all payments, adjustments, and balances for any given date of service.
  • Collection Letters and Patient Statements can be printed or emailed from the PM software to the patient.
  • Advanced payment summaries and aging report are included, with more reports to come in future updates.
  • Enhanced billing search on all patient and insurance information.


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  • Easy-to-use Calendar for booking and modifying appointments in a graphical view by time.
  • User specific preferences allow each user’s to assign schedules they typically book for on a daily basis.
  • 3 viewable schedule resources on the Calendar. View other schedules simply by clicking on the resource names.
  • 2 Columns per schedule allow for double-booking.*
  • Booking with multi-office support. Have multiple offices book for same schedules with convenience of having all the appointment data in one location!
  • Comprehensive scheduling checking assures appointments do not overlap, schedules are available, and patients aren’t booked by mistake.
  • Reschedule, extend, or constrain appointments right on the graphical calendar interface.
  • Book meetings, vacations, and other events, that other users can instantly see.
  • Find and print patient appointment reminders, recalls, and other related appointment information easily.
  • Add or remove schedules and places of service that are instantly use-able for patient appointments and events.
  • Week view of appointments for any given schedule.
  • Create weekly templates for each doctor and office.
  • Waiting Room screen for checking patients in and out, and tracking which exam room a patient is in.
  • Customizable appointment color, time length, and global time intervals.
  • Quickly navigate from an appointment record to a patient’s medical chart and back again.
  • Reminder Letters and Missed Appointment Letters can be printed or emailed.

*April Update – Each Schedule will be able to have customizable number of columns, (up to 6 maximum) and can have their own time interval in the April update. The Calendar will then support up to 6 schedule resources instead of 3 in the April update.