Why Us?

Quite simply, because EyeFormatics is the fastest, most efficient, and easiest-to-learn electronic medical records system available today.  Within minutes, you’ll be documenting patient encounters and managing clinical information better than you could ever do with a paper chart… or any other EMR system.

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Choose EyeFormatics because…

  • It’s fast and efficient.  Document clinical and administrative information faster than a paper chart or other EMRs.
  • It’s easy!  It’s all intuitive, and doesn’t require an extensive train-up for you or your staff.
  • It’s compliant.  Supports Medicare documentation requirements, PQRI, e-prescribing reporting, and ARRA incentives.
  • It’s secure.  Password protected, encrypted, automatically backed up, and under your control.
  • It’s interoperable.  Works with your clinical equipment, and your practice management and e-prescribing systems.  It receives reports directly from your local hospitals, consultants, and labs.
  • It’s supported.  Get training and help with some of the best database minds in the country, either in your office or remotely.
  • It’s customizable. EyeFormatics works the way YOU practice.  The system is ready to go from the beginning, but there are no limits to how much you can change and refine it.

How fast is it?

Unlike other EMRs, EyeFormatics minimizes mouse clicks, checkboxes, and unnecessary complexity.  Finally, there’s a system that lets you document your patient encounters faster than paper.

We recognize that time is money.  Wasting your time on inefficient documentation takes away from your time with patients and costs your practice tens of thousands of dollars a year.  We’ve designed the system to manage patient information with as little hassle and fuss as possible.

Is it easy to learn?

Yes!  You and your staff can start using the EyeFormatics EMR with as little as fifteen minutes of instruction.  Of course, we give you more.  We include plenty of training time when you install the EyeFormatics EMR.  Even though you could figure out the system with no instruction at all, we make it easy from the beginning.

EyeFormatics has one of the most innovative training programs in industry.  On-site training is available, but for most practices we can conduct the initial training remotely, over any computer with an internet connection.  Plus, video training tutorials are instantly available on-line, so training new staff is simple, inexpensive, and minimally disruptive to your practice.

Is it compliant?

Yes!  The EyeFormatics EMR was designed specifically to be compliant with Medicare documentation requirements for eye care.  It supports the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative, e-Prescribing reporting, HIPAA, and anticipated HHS certification requirements.  Improving documentation, coding, and reporting allows you to realize tens of thousands of dollars in available reimbursements that will more than pay for your system.

Plus, to support your practice’s compliance program, every physician will receive coding coaching by the Corcoran Group, the country’s top consultancy for Medicare compliance.  Thoroughly understanding insurance coding requirements allows you to code to the highest allowable levels and decrease your audit risk.

How secure is it?

The EyeFormatics EMR is much more secure than paper charts.  It supports industry-standard security and privacy of your patient information.  Lost or misplaced paper charts are a thing of the past.  And if your practice burns down, well, at least you’ll still have the one thing you can’t replace: your patients’ information.

Specifically, you get:

*      128 bit secure socket layer encryption of data

*      Password protection and user privileges appropriate for clerical, technician, and physician level users

*      Automatic backups of information to mirrored hard drives, a backup drive, and off-site backup to a secure data center

Will it work with other systems in my practice?

Yes!  The EyeFormatics EMR will import clinical information from clinical equipment, such as digital imaging systems, visual field systems, and OCTs.  It will also work with your practice management system and e-prescribing system via industry standard HL7 messaging.

What about support?

Multiple layers of support help to ensure the highest level of reliability for your system.  We will train members of your staff to be “super-users” to allow them to troubleshoot common questions and issues.  Local network experts will provide hardware and server support if needed, and a staff of master database developers can remotely administer and customize your database.

Can I customize it?

Yes!  We recognize that there are as many different practice styles as there are eye doctors.  The EyeFormatics EMR is ready to go immediately, but there is almost no limit to how much you can customize it.  Adding functions, changing the format of the layouts, and using your own forms and preferences is easy to do.  Our master database developers will consult with you and change the system to your exact specifications.  Our goal is to make the EyeFormatics EMR your system.