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EyeFormatics was founded on the idea that modern information technologies have an enormous potential to simplify and streamline clinical practice for eye professionals.  Most medical practices are far behind in using information technologies that could radically improve their ability to efficiently care for patients, decrease risk, and generate revenue.  EyeFormatics seeks to change that by helping physicians to implement the easiest, most efficient, and most secure EMR system in the industry.

Dr. Kevin Cranmer began development of the EyeFormatics EMR during his training at Wills Eye Hospital.  A former engineer and database consultant, Dr. Cranmer saw the inefficiencies inherent in paper charting.  He realized that information technologies that had been used for years in other fields could easily be adapted for the use of ophthalmologists and optometrists.  These technologies could eliminate the problems associated with lost charts, poor handwriting, inefficient surgery planning, inter-office communication, and so many more.  Now a busy comprehensive ophthalmologist, Dr. Cranmer has worked with some of the best database minds in the country to perfect an EMR system for eye care only.  The result is the easiest to use, most efficient and powerful EMR for eye care available: the EyeFormatics EMR.

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